Few Snaps – Tokyo Trip: Nakano, Asakusa & Akihabara.

Tokyo is such a magnificent place. Not magnificent or magical; words like majestic or city doesn’t fit it either. Its a burgeoning homogeneous metropolis. I’ve had the opportunity to have travelled to many of the world’s cities and great urban areas, but none can match or come close to the atmosphere and foreign-ness of Tokyo. Its like being in a place you imagined while watching a movie or reading a book, only 10x more real.

I’m no photographer by any means or will I claim to be one, but I thought I’d post photos from my trip anyway while I was in a constant daze while I was there during my last trip (5th June – 15th June).

All pictures in this post was taken using my Sony RX100 M3.

Alley ways near Nakano Broadway:


Nakano is pretty well-known among weab tourists with the Nakano Broadway mall. Even if you’re not though, if you’re a 80s aficionado, you have to go. Its rather strange really, the men in business suits all the time look like they’re frozen in time in Japan, but from what I’ve observed during this trip is there’s a real 80s to early 90s fashion revival in the streets of Tokyo.


Warning: More shots of these types below, I really can’t get enough of the whole city alley-way shot in Japan, especially with all those electric pole/wires.


Strangely enough, for a place that has a solid place in popular culture, Tokyo is a severely under-touristed city. That of course, is changing, but lately I’ve been thinking whether is that for the better.

From below onwards is the Asakusa area:





Asakusa, the only place where you’ll ever see a bunch of ‘obviously bunch of tourists’ congregate. Even so, the tourist crowds are pretty much 50% Japanese from other parts of the country.





Whenever I gazed up to look at the Tokyo Tower, for some reason I always imagine Godzilla about make a dramatic appearance.




I drew ‘Good Fortune,’ with the chopstick shakey things which was a relief. If you drew bad fortune, you have the consolation prize of experiencing the tradition of ‘tying it up on the racks’ to ward it off, so that’s not too bad right?


You’re also supposed to donate 100 Yen when you draw your fortune, no one’s actually enforcing this but if you guys actually come here – don’t be an ass.



Me, totally trying to do a drama-style shot. I think its not bad. 


Everyone uses the whole ‘the new is side to side with the old’ in all sorts of cities and towns in the world, but no where have I ever experienced this haunting quality that I have in Japan.


The Tokyo Tower itself, being such a recent building still feels as if it was built in the ‘good’ times of the 80s where all sort of mecha & ultra-man type of shows were all the rage.





How can one not love their ‘arcade shop’ culture?




Just a few Akihabara snaps, it was a beautiful day!

I spent most of the day in the top floor of Mandarake since my siblings were busy looking at vintage figurines. Its not very courteous to take photos indoors so I didn’t.


Neon lights at night. Everyone uses the whole ‘the new is side to side with the old’ in all sorts of cities and towns in the world, but no where have I ever experienced this haunting quality that I have in Japan.



All photos are posted straight out of my camera on Jpeg format without an any editing. Maybe one day I’ll edit each photo for a more consistent style, but today is most definitely not the day. Lol.

Signing out,




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