Eye Cream: Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Eye-Rescue


Product Name: Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Eye-Rescue

Brand Name: Charlotte Tilbury

Category: Eye Cream

Retail Price: £40.00 (British Pounds Stirling)

Purchased mine at Selfridges Department Store, London, U.K.

Charlotte Tilbury is probably one of the most my most anticipated Western beauty brand launches in the past decade. Simply because, well, the whole brand concept and everything is something I’m absolutely not. Its so not my aesthetic which only makes me more curious to try her products.

Ironically, I only got two make-up related items and I got this eye cream along with other of her famous skincare products, but its her eye cream that I’ve been using on a daily basis. The packaging looks luxe, but isn’t exactly in real life. Its all a pretty basic block plastic, but packaging is packaging and to me, product is always king. The upside is that its light, but the eye cream container is seriously bulky – its about 6.5 centimetres from octagon corner to corner so this is something you’d probably leave at home than travel with(although I’ve been travelling with this thing). From what I read and hear, most of the brand’s budget was put into the formulations of the products, so good on them – that’s totally the way to go.

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Being a big consumer of cosmetic products, I’m pretty much oblivious to most PR and dubious claims about products so I’m not going to delve into their marketing or anything. Most pot packaged products ingredients(those that claim to turn back time or whatever) will inevitably degrade, so what I essentially look for is how well it moisturises.

As you can see in the cream product pictures in the slideshow, it looks like its all cracked and that’s just this cream’s nature when it settles. It has no noticeable scent and is essentially a more oily/emollient base type of eye product. This makes it pretty mobile in the jar when you toss it in a bag, all the product will follow gravity in a blob. Worth noting that you best be careful when you open it if you tipped it sideways.

There is no mini eye cream spatula given like most luxury beauty brands, but that’s fine since I’ve always found them to be too tiny and flimsy. To maintain hygiene I use my Cerro Qreen steel spatula(which is fantastic by the way) instead as you can see in the pictures.

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This is a greasy and heavy eye-cream than the refreshing ones. You won’t get that super satisfying ‘my eye areas drinking it all up’ sort of feeling, but I don’t use very much and that enough moisturises my eye-area. This is definitely not something you would enjoy in the morning for that cooling, de-puffing action. This is a rich eye cream with a luxe texture and this does a better job of softening fine lines around my eye area. Its emollient nature however, does allow you to perform an eye massage by making circular motions around using eye cream which what I do when I want to use it for de-puffing action.

I’m a contact lens wearer, and that’s just another drying element. With any make up on top it just feels absolutely terrible, so a heavy eye cream is my preference and this really helps keep it from drying out. A more emollient cream like this also enhances my make up application, so if you’re a Charlotte Tilbury customer, you probably do wear make-up so in that respect, this fulfills her markets needs.


I actually use half of what I scooped up on the back on my hand in the slide-show picture above. Applying anymore for me will also give me little red itchy bumps and just make me feel uncomfortable because it’ll be too rich.

A great thing about this eye cream is that it doesn’t irritate your eyes no matter how closely you put it(not that you’re supposed to apply so closely though). Your eyelashes usually bring up product into your eyes whenever you blink, hence irritating them. I don’t experience this eye cream to do that, and a good amount of eye creams do, especially those with SPF. This is why I try to avoid buying eye creams with sun protection. Formulated without SPF also makes it a lot easier to organise and handle in a routine since you can use it for both night and day.

This pot has already lasted me about 7 months and I’ve removed 1/4 to put in separate packaging; so this will last you for quite a while. As pot packaged products degrade faster, its a good idea to use them as soon as you’ve opened them.

Here, I have cleansed my face, applied Meishoku Skin Lotion, Charlotte Tilbury Eye Rescue, Nuxe Splendieuse Anti-Dark Spots Fluid SPF 20.

You should never have huge expectations for eye cream, its not the product for that. For most part, I’ll get all the symptoms of a terrible eye area if I don’t sleep properly – eye cream or not. You don’t even need an eye cream product, most moisturisers are adequate. But, I love an eye area dedicated cream and this does what I want especially when I do wear make up, and for that I’m quite happy with it.

I hope this helps,


I used this product in air-conditioned environments and in tropical humid weather. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and normal skin elsewhere on my face.

P.S Please bear with the pictures inconsistency.


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