Swipe on the Nail: Chifure – Nail Enamel 544


Product Name: Chifure – Nail Enamel 544

Brand Name: Chifure

Retail Price: 320 Yen (Tax Excluded) | 345 Yen (Tax Included, Japan’s sales tax currently sits at 8%).

Chifure Nail Enamel is a quick-drying polish that provides a flawless, long-lasting finish. Comes with a flat-tip applicator for an easy, smooth and even application.

Product Official Website

Fragrance-free | Toluene-free | Oxybenzone-free

Purchased at SunDrug, Nakano Kita-Guchi. 

This product was in my Tokyo Haul Post here, which I got from SunDrug.


I was a bit surprised to see Chifure sold in a pharmacy/drug store considering the fact that Chifure is more commonly found in large established department stores. The price of their stuff is more appropriate to pharmacies, but the brand positions themselves as affordable in price but upscale in quality of product. Its a more unique sort of marketing that I think might spread to other parts of retail world.

The compulsory nail polish photo that you often see on nail sites. Please forgive my nail painting skills.


The reason why I got this was because Chifure’s product and packaging looked a lot more simple and not tacky compared to its more sweet, kawaii competitors sitting in the pharmacy beauty aisle. There are 55 colours in the range, so a huge collection to choose from, but I was in the mood for a red. I can’t seem to find out how much product is actually in the bottle, but I do like the fact that its a nice small size. Its design is also long and sleek and that sold it to me since its perfect for travelling.

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The juice itself has nice consistency that doesn’t bleed, and with a good smooth brush I did not have much trouble with application. It leaves you with a beautiful smooth and solid surface with a good shine. This is definitely potent and strong nail polish and its good pay-off makes anything more than 1-2 coats unnecessary and would be too thick if you applied more.

The colour is a true timeless red that I think will suit many skin-tones. It makes my hands look healthier and brighter. Its sexy, bold and very mature so it might scare off a younger crowd, but don’t – its beautiful and so auspicious. Its a strong statement red and it’d be nice to see more red nails in the street.

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The downside is of course, the fumes and the smell that I have inhale while using this. With the new age of nail polishes going up to 7 substance free, I am sort of feeling bit more wanting and would prefer something more ‘clean’ for my fingertips. This nail polish also risks staining your nails yellow once you remove it, I’ve never experienced this before so this is definitely very heavy duty stuff; they must’ve been more harsh than I realised. To protect your nails, a good solid base-coat will be absolutely necessary. With its strong formula, it’d be nice to use for occasions if you’re unable to tolerate it for prolong wear.

All in all though, I still find this a real good value and a quality product and it’d be hard to not give 1 bottle a try should you find a colour to your fancy considering you have 55 colours to choose from in the range. I thought it would probably be made in Japan or China or something but its actually Made in France. Surprising really!

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Like deep rubies on your fingers, they make me feel like a million dollars.


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