Few Snaps – Tokyo: June is Hydrangea Month

June is Hydrangea month in Japan and I thought I’d better post the few pictures I took while I was walking around Tokyo before June actually ends.

These hydrangeas were in Nihonbashi in front of a shop(but I forgot what) next to a fly-over high-way. I loved how it was so developed in the area and then you just find a bunch hydrangea plants just blossoming in the centre of it all. Kudos to the owner of that shop!




It’s great that I managed to catch some that weren’t fully blooming yet below. I ended up in this area since I went the opposite direction of where Nippori Textile Town was for fabric! I’m so glad I did since this was such a beautiful and livable neighbourhood, which ironically also has some touristy shops.



I love these homely streets, this neighbourhood had everything for a family living nearby! It had a family grocer, family laundrettes, family dry-cleaners, family Western restaurant, family butchers, family whatever; it was so perfect in its own way and so untouched!




These flowers I found in Nihonbashi, but I’m not sure what these flowers are called. I tried Googling it, but totally failed.


Caught them in a Gif while the wind blew.



I was actually at Nihonbashi to buy artisanal make-up brushes from Edoya, but it was closed so I walked to the nearby department store instead which was the original main Mitsukoshi store. Below is the newest building of the Mitsukoshi store.


It was actually a few stretch of buildings before I ended up at the main hall which looked frozen in time in its decor. You really sort of feel like you’re transported back to the Taisho period since everything is so well maintained. It had this incredibly detailed statue of a Far East Angel/Goddess in the centre of the store(built in 1960) which really gives those famous European department stores a good run for their money. There was such a great sense of history and aura in Mitsukoshi and Nihonbashi in general; to think that this was the place it all started from the Edo period.


That concludes this post, I hope I can make these ‘Few Snaps’ posts’ more aesthetically pleasing in the future.



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