Gashapon: Sailor Moon Stained Glass Compact Mirror Set!


Product Name: Sailor Moon Stained Glass Compact Mirror Set (Set of 6)

Part of BANDAI Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary

Manufacturer: Bandai; under license ©Naoko Takeuchi / PNP, Toei Animation

Theme: Stained Glass

Release Date: January 2017

Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS PVC) 

Sizes: Compacts are all around 2.5inches/6.35cm in height.

All mirrors apart from the Rainbow Moon Chalice measure around 1.7inches/4.3cm.

Rainbow Moon Chalice’s full width is the one with the most difference with a width of 2.2inches/5cm. The mirror is an oval shape at: 3cm x 2.6cm (Height x Width). 

Official Retail Price(Each): 300 Yen (Japanese Yen) 

Made in China

Product Description (Taken from Jlist’s listing):

Moon Prism Power! Makeup! Fans of Sailor Moon will love this Deluxe Sailor Moon Capsule Goods Set. Featuring all sorts of cool items from Sailor Moon. This set contains the Henshin Broach, Crystal Star Compact, Cosmic Heart Compact, Crisis Moon Compact, Rainbow Moon Chalice, and Luna & Artemis. A great official item that all Sailor Moon fans will love.


Can any Gashapon be any greater than Sailor Moon themed Gashapon!?

Unfortunately, I didn’t roll these babies out myself from the actual Gashapon machine. But that’s okay, since I tend to have terrible luck and get 3-4 of the same ones repeatedly. I came across these being sold in a set in the ‘related section’ while looking for Sailor Moon x Anna Sui limited edition items on Ebay. As you can see, I had to have it.

I love compact mirrors and I like making a habit of changing them so these are cute. These also work out nicely as decoration for a room, desk or whatever you fancy. The size of the actual mirror is not exactly ideal, but I think it was designed pretty well considering Gashapon sizes. They’d make great gifts and compacts for little girls(or boys) being the perfect size for kids.

The quality of the whole mirror set was pretty good and acceptable for price for these. They are made of a simple sturdy plastic with good tightened flap mechanism. But, there are inconsistencies since the flap on the Cosmic Heart Compact was loose and there’s no way to tighten it. All the mirrors came with the standard peel seal protection which is a nice touch. Most compact mirrors nowadays have this seal but for a 300 Yen product, that’s a nice detail to keep.

The only compact that I doubt I’ll ever pull out is the Rainbow Chalice Compact. The mirror is minuscule in an oval shape of around 1.18inches x 1.02inches/3cm x 2.6cm (Height x Width).

Here is the label in the capsule which I have scanned:


Picture time!


The Black Compacts


Luna & Artemis – This one is my favourite with the colour contrast.


What it looks like when you open it. Only one picture here since all the black ones basically have the same shape:


Crystal Star Compact: 


Henshin Brooch:


The Pink Ones

Crisis Moon Compact:


Cosmic Heart Compact:


Rainbow Moon Chalice:


This is roughly what the sizes are in the palm of a hand (Below).


And that concludes this post, I hope this post was in some way beneficial to your life. Until next time!



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