Welcome to Za Weekend,

Za Weekend Name Origin

At Za Weekend, we document our weab* obsessions and lifestyles. The ‘Weekend‘ comes from our original desire to write in a chill manner without being hounded by the pressure to post.

*For a Urban Dictionary definition of Weaboo, click here.

Za just comes from my favourite bi-annual and quarterly Manga magazines which I used to collect such as The Hana to Yume/The Margaret/The Dessert.

‘Weab-zine’ is a play on words, for ‘web’ and ‘magazine.’

If it seems like this is pretty much a beauty blog, that’s because it probably is but its definitely not limited to. As this site grows, I hope to make it a more thorough portal for beauty and to create more aesthetic & editorial based content.

On this site, we hope to achieve covering Asian brands more thoroughly and through an Asian perspective because we find that so much out there is sort of twisted.

Most of this site is new and undergoing construction.