Swipe on the Nail: Chifure – Nail Enamel 544


Product Name: Chifure – Nail Enamel 544

Brand Name: Chifure

Retail Price: 320 Yen (Tax Excluded) | 345 Yen (Tax Included, Japan’s sales tax currently sits at 8%).

Chifure Nail Enamel is a quick-drying polish that provides a flawless, long-lasting finish. Comes with a flat-tip applicator for an easy, smooth and even application.

Product Official Website

Fragrance-free | Toluene-free | Oxybenzone-free

Purchased at SunDrug, Nakano Kita-Guchi. 

This product was in my Tokyo Haul Post here, which I got from SunDrug.


I was a bit surprised to see Chifure sold in a pharmacy/drug store considering the fact that Chifure is more commonly found in large established department stores. The price of their stuff is more appropriate to pharmacies, but the brand positions themselves as affordable in price but upscale in quality of product. Its a more unique sort of marketing that I think might spread to other parts of retail world.

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