Few Snaps – Tokyo: June is Hydrangea Month

June is Hydrangea month in Japan and I thought I’d better post the few pictures I took while I was walking around Tokyo before June actually ends.

These hydrangeas were in Nihonbashi in front of a shop(but I forgot what) next to a fly-over high-way. I loved how it was so developed in the area and then you just find a bunch hydrangea plants just blossoming in the centre of it all. Kudos to the owner of that shop!


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Few Snaps – Tokyo Trip: Nakano, Asakusa & Akihabara.

Tokyo is such a magnificent place. Not magnificent or magical; words like majestic or city doesn’t fit it either. Its a burgeoning homogeneous metropolis. I’ve had the opportunity to have travelled to many of the world’s cities and great urban areas, but none can match or come close to the atmosphere and foreign-ness of Tokyo. Its like being in a place you imagined while watching a movie or reading a book, only 10x more real.

I’m no photographer by any means or will I claim to be one, but I thought I’d post photos from my trip anyway while I was in a constant daze while I was there during my last trip (5th June – 15th June).

All pictures in this post was taken using my Sony RX100 M3.

Alley ways near Nakano Broadway:


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