Eye Cream: Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Eye-Rescue


Product Name: Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Eye-Rescue

Brand Name: Charlotte Tilbury

Category: Eye Cream

Retail Price: £40.00 (British Pounds Stirling)

Purchased mine at Selfridges Department Store, London, U.K.

Charlotte Tilbury is probably one of the most my most anticipated Western beauty brand launches in the past decade. Simply because, well, the whole brand concept and everything is something I’m absolutely not. Its so not my aesthetic which only makes me more curious to try her products.

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Japan Beauty Haul 2: @ SunDrug, Nakano Kita-guchi

Location of Crime Committed: SunDrug, Nakano Kita-guchi

Address: 5-64-10 Nakano, Nakano-ku, 〒1640001, Tokyo 

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:15pm

Tax-Free Available 

Specific Store Site(in Japanese).

There are several SunDrug stores in the area, the larger one being more popular on Map applications which is the Nakano Broadway store. This post is about the Sundrug store that is located next to the Nakano JR Station exit and is formally known as the SunDrug Nakano North Exit Shop.


Check ittt:

I was out with my siblings and they wanted to go weab-out at Nakano where Mandarake and all things 80s were. For a severely under-touristed city, there sure are a lot of tourists at Nakano and as much as I usually loathe touristy areas, anyone in Tokyo should make a trip there at least once.

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Few Snaps – Tokyo Trip: Nakano, Asakusa & Akihabara.

Tokyo is such a magnificent place. Not magnificent or magical; words like majestic or city doesn’t fit it either. Its a burgeoning homogeneous metropolis. I’ve had the opportunity to have travelled to many of the world’s cities and great urban areas, but none can match or come close to the atmosphere and foreign-ness of Tokyo. Its like being in a place you imagined while watching a movie or reading a book, only 10x more real.

I’m no photographer by any means or will I claim to be one, but I thought I’d post photos from my trip anyway while I was in a constant daze while I was there during my last trip (5th June – 15th June).

All pictures in this post was taken using my Sony RX100 M3.

Alley ways near Nakano Broadway:


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Raquick Cleansing Water Sheets (50 Sheets)


Brand Name: Raquick

Manufacturer: Bison Corporation

Product: Cleansing Sheet/Towelette/Wipe

Made in Japan 

Official Price: JPY 680 (Tax excluded)

Purchased mine at Aeon Department Store, Shinagawa Seaside.

Official Product Page (In Japanese).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Raquick Cleansing Water Sheets is the next product line-up after Bison Corporation launched the Raquick brand with its pilot cleansing water products. The original ‘moist’ cleansing water placed 2nd in the Cosme Awards in the last quarter of last year(2016). Cleansing wipes in Japan isn’t exactly a big product category, but I think more of these products will pop up in the future.

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Sampling Sachets: Ayura Skin Remaker SPF 36 PA+++


Primer sample sachets are my favourite for some reason, I just end up using primer sachets whenever I have them. It maybe because they’re not like skincare sachets, I mean, can you really tell if they’re amazing after a few times? Primer on the other hand has some instant gratification that I like, which seems perfect for a column on sampling sachets.

I got this sachet for Ayura’s Skin Remaker primer when they were handing them out in Tokyu Department Store, Shibuya in front of the elevator while you’re coming up from department store’s Metro exits.

Shits free – take it.

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